As the first European manufacturer of EPDM, HERTALAN® has developed for almost five decades leading EPDM roofing systems. With the products hertalan® easy cover (membranes) and hertalan® easy weld (roofing rolls) we produce two high quality EPDM roofing systems.


HERTALAN® is an experienced partner in the field of a complete service, from concept to realization. We advise clients, architects, contractors and roofing contractors / installers about the most appropriate roofing system. We provide design advice, offer expert guidance, support and installation instructions.


Below is a selection of reference projects undertaken. You can view more details by clicking on the appropriate picture.

Multifunctional Berflo es
Healthy and sustainable school (NL)
The level café
The Level Café, Brighton
Former Factory Lada
Former Factory Lada, Bralitz (DE)
Holiday at the farm
Holiday under Hertalan® Green Roof

New Construction CAV
New Construction CAV, Den Ham (NL)
New Building DUO
New Building DUO, Groningen (NL)
Royal Kentalis
Green roof at Kentalis (NL)