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Hertalan project: Kentalis, St.-Michielsgestel (NL)

In this project -initially- a bituminous roofing product was required. But the many benefits of working with Hertalan EPDM membrane systems, gave the deciding factor for this client to choose for working with Hertalan EPDM membranes.


In particular, the durability of EPDM roofing, the single-layer processing, faster working compared to bitumen and the extensive range of prefabricated accessories were the most important factors.

The total roof surface of over 10,000 m² of this project is divided into 20 separate roofs. This meant that for each of these roofs EPDM membranes had to be customized at the factory. The bad weather during processing made ​​planning difficult for the roofer. During this project an appeal was done on the flexibility of Hertalan's production process.

The significant gain in working time and fast waterproofing the roofsurface by using membranes also were an important factor in the decision to change from traditional to Hertalan EPDM.

green roof Kentalis (NL)

John Whittaker

Manager Hertalan UK


Afbeelding: John Whittaker