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HERTALAN® | Test report University of Applied Sciences

In order to prevent damage, waterproofing membranes are required to perform permanent resistance against perforation by plants roots. The Institute of Horticulture, UAS Weihenstephan(Germany) has tested our roofing products HERTALAN® EASY COVER and HERTALAN® EASY WELD on resistance to root penetration. After a 2 year during intensive testing period the results are finally known. .


The 2 year-long test was carried out in accordance with the "Method of testing resistance to root damage to flexible sheets and coatings of roof planting". The test was carried out between July 2014 an dJuly 2016 comprising 8 containers equipped with the mebrane to be tested. Another 3 containers without membranes were serving as control that allows the comparison op the plant development. All joints of the sheets were factory-made by HERTALAN®. The containers were filled with growing substrate and installed into a cllimate-controlled glass house. The final inspection included the recording of any root penetration into and through the flexible sheets.


After 2 years the surfaces and the joints of the  HERTALAN® EASY COVER and HERTALAN® EASY WELD membranes did not show any perforations of penetrations caused by roots.  The both products are therefore considered to be resistant to roots according fo FLL standard.


At one of the eight membranes HERTALAN® EASY COVER showed one perforation caused by a rhizome of Coach Grass. This perforation was in a corner. The rhizome penetrated the surface of the material in the kink between bottom and wall., the joint was not damaged. HERTALAN® EASY WELD did not shown any perforations of pernetrations caused by rhizomes. Therefore HERTALAN® EASY WELD is considered to be resistant to both roots ans rhizomes according to FLL standard.

Download here the detailed test report for hertalan easy cover


Download here the detailed test report for hertalan easy weld