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HERTALAN® provides globally unique EPDM rubber roofing products for sustainable and waterproof solutions. As the first European manufacturer of EPDM sheets ever, we offer almost five decades of leading quality. On the basis of this and a range of sophisticated accessories and adhesives supplies multiple systems for EPDM roofing and façades.


HERTALAN® was the first manufacturer of EPDM roofing rubber sheets to be fully certified by KOMO for all roofing systems in the Netherlands. In the UK Hertalan EPDM products are fully certified by the BBA and the product life expectancy of over 50 years has been fully tested and approved by the German SKZ study (March 2001).


Over the years it has also shown that our knowledge and experience plays an increasingly important role. We are an experienced partner offering of a complete service, from the initial design concept to the realization of a building. We advise clients, architects, contractors and roofing contractors / installers on the most appropriate roofing system. We provide design advice, offer expert guidance with on site support and installation instructions.


The many advantages of EPDM rubber compete for precedence. Our EPDM membranes are able to fix onto nearly every surface and it has a very long life expectancy. It is very environmentally friendly, has long lasting flexibility, is recyclable and able to adhere to each other. Moreover acids from rainwater will not affect this versatile product. Furthermore our HERTALAN® EPDM systems are resistant to ageing caused by constant exposure to direct UV and ozone


Some highlights:

✓ hertalan easy cover and hertalan easy weld are suitable to be applied in all traditional EPDM roofing systems.
 Both products are FLL approved and suitable for green roofs.
 hertalan easy weld and hertalan easy cover FR are fire retardant.
 All HERTALAN EPDM roofing systems have a long service life of more than 50 years (SKZ Study 2001).
 hertaled is the ecological alternative to lead and / or traditional lead substitutes.
 With roll lengths of 12m hertaled is quick to process, with fewer seams than the traditional lead/lead substitutes.
 Suitable as a replacement for traditional DPC sheets.
 Flexible and easy to install


With hertalan easy cover, hertalan easy weld, hertalan EPDM strips  and hertaled HERTALAN® provides the best seal for EPDM roofing and façade.

With hertalan easy cover you choose quality, speed and convenience. The hot bonding membrane technology lets you seal virtually any roof immediately in one sheet. We also have the hertalan easy cover FR, a variant that meets the stringent requirements for fire resistance in the Netherlands.

hertalan easy weld is a unique roll system designed for mechanically fixed roofing systems. Each membrane has 28m² on the roll, including the overlap area. The unique UV resistant TPE strip on the seam is then bonded with hot air to complete the joint.

With hertalan EPDM strips you choose quality, flexibility and convenience. You can work on almost any surface and realize almost anything, thanks to the sophisticated adhesive systems and the textured surface of the EPDM membrane. This makes hertalan EPDM strips the ideal solution for applications in curtain walling systems including DPC in cavity walls and around windows.

hertaled is the ecological alternative to lead, with all the benefits of our quality EPDM. hertaled is a composite of EPDM strips incorporating a reinforcement of expanded metal. With this expanded metal the product can be manipulated into almost any shape.