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HERTALAN® offers a comprehensive range of adhesives, sealants and tools for the optimum installation of our EPDM systems. Our EPDM adhesives and sealants are specially designed for installing Hertalan EPDM rubber. We guarantee the years of durability where our products are known for. The EPDM adhesives are suitable for use on various substrate and all our roofing systems.


HERTALAN® introduces the familiar hertalan ks205 contact adhesive in a pressurised canister for adhering our EPDM roofing. This specially developed EPDM adhesive is tested according to the strict Dutch regulations for EPDM roofing materials: Dutch BDA (windtest) and listed as a system certificate. Our canister spray system facilitates your work on the roof, because you do not need a compressor or electricity. Moreover hertalan ks205 supplies you with lasting quality. 

HERTALAN® spray system

No risks for durability or quality due to the trusted hertalan ks205
    contact adhesive;

Ideal for adhering the roof perimeter edges, up-stands or

   a complete roof;


Tried and tested contact adhesive with high bonding strength

A compressor & power supply;loose adhesive tins and tanks

   are no longer necessary;


 Multifunctional adhesive system, applicable on different substrates.
     NoPVC or naked EPS;

 Reusable hose and gun that are available separately;  

 Flexible in use, can be used within minutes and in accordance
     with our standard instructions;

 The empty pressurised canister can be disposed of as

     scrap metal.



HERTALAN® supplies our trusted hertalan ks205 contact adhesive in a pressurised canister for adhering our EPDM sheets. This spray with EPDM adhesive has been developed in accordance with stringent quality requirements for EPDM roofing materials: The Dutch institute BDA did wind-load tests, these are included as a system in both our KOMO and BBA certificates. Our new pressurised canister spray with EPDM adhesive is also easy to use, you no longer need a compressor or a power supply.

Pressurised canister spray systems have been used in a range of different sectors for many years, including interior finishing and furniture upholstery. It is also convenient for adhering roof coverings, but the use on a roof requires a higher bonding strength. A roof covering is subjected to weather influences for many years and so durability is of upmost importance.


Quality is assured with the HERTALAN® pressurised canister spray system and our trusted hertalan ks205 contact adhesive. We guarantee years of durability where our products are renowned for.


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Use of the pressurized KS205 spray with EPDM adhesive canister.