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When durability and watertight building are required, HERTALAN® EASY STICK GS is indispensable. HERTALAN® EASY STICK GS is long lasting EPDM strip, with a fiberglass reinforcement and self-adhesive butyl underlay sealant. The butyl underlay is provided with a release liner which ensures quick and easy installation. Thanks to the EPDM top layer, the strips have market leading product properties. The material is naturally UV-resistant, permanently flexible and resistant to extreme temperature variations.


Due to the fiberglass reinforcement layer, the product is made even stronger and it can handle movements in the building even better. The extremely long lifespan of more than 50 years guarantees a durable seal that lasts longer than the lifespan of the building!


✓  Permanently flexible  
✓ Equipped with a fiberglass  
✓ Voorzien van een glasvezel wapening  
✓ In no time air-, vapor- and watertight solutions  
✓ Environmentally friendly (does not leach out  
✓ Attaches to nearly every substrate  


The product properties of HERTALAN® EASY STICK GS speak for themselves. Quality, flexibility in both the product and the application and a high user friendliness. The rollers have a length of 20 meters so that more can be sealed with less overlap in the same time frame.

The rolls are available in different widths, making the material more efficient.


Afbeelding: Kanaalplaat luchtdicht afwerken

In order to achieve the realisation of more sustainable and energy-efficient objects, the airtightness of the building is the most important determinant of success. The less unwanted infiltration from outside air to the inside and exfiltration from the inside outwards, the better the energetic performance of a building. Prevent uncontrolled airflows and close gaps in facades, along frames and windows, simply and for a long time with HERTALAN® EASY STICK GS.




HERTALAN® EASY STICK GS is excellently suited to lining roof gutters in refurbishment and new build projects. HERTALAN® EASY STICK GS is easy to use during subsequent waterproofing of zinc roof gutters. Once the substrate has been cleaned, HERTALAN® EASY STICK GS can be bonded on directly with HERTALAN® contact adhesive. Prefabricated rainwater pipes and corners ensure a quick and easy application process.


In new build projects, nowadays often the quality of the building material is sacrificed, resulting in cold zinc gutters causing condensation. This significantly shortens the durability of trough and valley gutters. HERTALAN® EASY STICK GS offers a solution for this purpose. The gutters are fully lined with HERTALAN® EASY STICK GS. This means that a longer service life is achieved for the gutters. Your structure is given a visually appealing touch when this product is used in conjunction with a zinc cornice cover.