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HERTALAN® develops a wide range of Roofing, Cladding, and DPC Systems in high quality EPDM Rubber for a variety of applications.
Our EPDM products systems are suitable for all kind roofing structures, for applications in new construction and renovation projects.

EPDM roofing systems

HERTALAN® is an experienced partner in the field of project supervision. We have all the knowledge available for a complete service from concept to realization. We advise clients, architects, contractors and roofing contractors/installers on the most suitable EPDM system. We provide design advice, supervision, support and installation instructions on spot.


For each desired roof, HERTALAN® offers a solution with KOMO certified systems.


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EPDM Cladding systems

HERTALAN® has years of experiences regarding advice, supervision and the installation of EPDM cladding systems. HERTALAN EPDM cladding systems are sustainable, permanently flexible and in combination with its water resistance- and aesthetic properties (matt black appearance) an ideal product to fit architectural requirements.


HERTALAN EPDM cladding systems are specially designed. Construction and physical aspects determine: the installation method, the thickness and choice of product.


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EPDM DPC systems

With hertalan EPDM strips and hertaled (lead alternative) we have a Damp Proof Course System in which all structures can be made easily water,- damp- and windproof.


hertalan EPDM strips is an EPDM system for sealing applications. This system can be used for protecting roof gutters, cavity wall structures and window frames quickly and effective against leaks and moisture penetration. hertaled is an ecological alternative to lead, with all quality benefits of our EPDM system.


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EPDM Green roof systems

HERTALAN EPDM roofing is root penetration resistant and has a FLL accreditation for both our hot bonding and hot air seam connections. The system can be applied as a membrane (hertalan easy cover) and as a roofing roll system (hertalan easy weld). Especially working with membranes is attractive. During installation fewer seams are required, which therefore reduces the risk of leaks.


In choosing a HERTALAN EPDM system you choose for a waterproof seal that exceeds the life of the vegetation layer. In addition our EPDM systems are a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice.


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