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EPDM membranes are airtight and waterproof, and additionally, it is a light weight material that is easy to install. Using a special contact adhesive or a sealer, EPDM can be adhered to almost any substrate, including gutters. With all of its advantageous properties, EPDM is an ideal lining for gutters. It protects the gutter against moisture and other elements, consequently extending the lifespan of the gutter. Furthermore, the moisture-repellent qualities of EPDM can be used, for example, to protect zinc gutters against condensation. This is especially important for roof valleys – the joint between two inclined sides of a roof – and for gutters that are partially installed against a wall. Fully wrapping the gutter with EPDM membranes prevents condensation from infiltrating the wall.


The EPDM strips come on a roll and have a length of 20 meters and the width varies from 100mm to 1,400mm. We have the most common sizes available in stock. Additionally, we also have prefab rainwater outlets for a complete and waterproof finish. All sorts of gutters can be lined in this manner, a simple waterproof and airtight solution.


The abbreviation EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. EPDM has a high elasticity, to at least 400%, and retains its elasticity within a large temperature range: from -35°C to +120°C. Moreover, EPDM is resistant against the impact of many bases, acids and salts; only crude oil products are able to damage the material. EPDM is UV and ozone resistant. It requires very little maintenance and has a long lifespan. It can withstand extreme (weather) conditions, and still have a lifespan of at least 50 years. Because of this – and because EPDM doesn’t dry out – it is an environmentally sustainable material.


EPDM has many advantages. For example: EPDM remains flexible, contains no plasticisers, is naturally UV resistant and has a proven lifespan of over 50 years! The fact that EPDM can be adhered to almost any substrate, makes it easy to install. Another unique property of EPDM is that its recyclability. EPDM, with its sustainable properties, is the environmentally friendly alternative to sheet lead applications in cavity walls, around window and door frames and around skylights. The product is simple to shape into any form thanks to the aluminium reinforcement. It is remarkable how flexible the material is, and it characterises itself by its ease of installation.

epdm in gutter
EPDM application in gutter


Op onze site vindt u meer informatie over onze EPDM producten, kunt u een verwerker of dealer vinden en vindt u meer informatie en kennis over EPDM. Wilt u graag een gedegen advies voor uw project? Vraag dan hier advies aan. Wij helpen u graag op weg!