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Hertalan easy weld has a number of supplementary accessories:

HERTALAN Cover Strip

HERTALAN® EASY WELD has a number of supplementary accessories:


/ hertalan easy stick plus

A composite of an EPDM strip with a butyl adhesive layer on the underside and a 40 mm wide green EW welding strip. This product is typically used for flashing around chimneys, skylight up-stands, etc. in a hertalan easy weld roofing system.


/ hertalan flash weld

Unreinforced un-vulcanised EPDM rubber with EW underside, which is plastically deformable and vulcanises in the open air.


hertalan cover strip

Unreinforced vulcanised EPDM strip which has a special EW layer across the full width of the underside. It is typically used to connect end seams in a hertalan easy weld roofing system.


/ EW lassnoer

A 3 mm cord, which is manufactured from the same material as the EW welding strips on the roofing membranes. Is typically used to provide additional welding material in a T-seam.