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Our waterproof solutions are diverse, but our message is clear: a HERTALAN system needs minimal attention. The long life cycle of our EPDM is very remarkable even in these days of sustainability. Ever since the start of HERTALAN EPDM production we constantly strive to keep on improving a good product.
This ecological material is fully resistant to UV, ozone and other weather influences. It is capable of being installed rapidly without the use of naked flame.
HERTALAN EPDM systems are an investment in the future, based on proven quality.


We are certified by DUBOkeur (Environmental Product Declaration). This suggests that our EPDM roofing systems belongs to the most environmental qualified products in the top of the market. This means that the impact on include global warming, acidification and noise is negligible. Only products that are in the top segment, are eligible for this label.


Our environmentally friendly material does not leach and is completely resistant to UV, ozone and other atmospheric influences. It is fast and safe to handle, without the use of an open flame. It is root resistant, lightweight, permanently flexible and can be attached to almost any surface. The proven durability has a useful life of fifty years.


To get a good impression of the environmental impact of a product, it is necessary to make a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). In an LCA a product is rated for all life stages. The effects are translated into a so called shadow cost of the product. The lower these are the more sustainable the product is. NIBE Holland is an institute which perform such analyses, in particular for construction products like DPC strips and roofing materials.